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Flip / Turn: Live Performance Enhancers

· One min read
Founder @ Orthogonal

You know how awesome sequencers like Flow are for your Ableton Live music production, right? They can spice up your music with endless variations of beats, chords, melodies, basslines, and more. But wouldn't it be great if you could sync them with your clips in Session View mode?

That's where Flip / Turn come in. They are two little devices that automatically mute any input when no clips are active in the Session View.

Flip / Turn

Flip / Turn are super easy to use. Just put them after your sequencers in the MIDI or audio rack. They will monitor the clip status of their track, and mute the input signal accordingly.

Flip / Turn are free to download and use, and they are compatible with any sequencer that produces MIDI or audio signals. They are especially awesome with Flow, our powerful generative MIDI sequencer that creates endless variations of beats, chords, melodies, and more.

We hope you enjoy Flip / Turn and Flow as much as we do, and we can't wait to hear what you create with them.

Happy music making! 🎶