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UI Overview

Before we begin programming our generative patterns, let's briefly review the device UI.

Flow has a flexible and intuitive interface that lets you control various aspects of the generative music process. You can access the device interface in two ways: through the rack view or the floating plug-in window.

The rack view is useful for quickly adjusting the levels and other parameters of each sequencer part, while the plug-in window is useful for editing the sequencer configurations and creating musical patterns.

Rack View

The rack view is the default view that you see when you load Flow onto a MIDI track. It shows you the basic features of the device, such as:

  • The Mixer section that lets you control parameters of each of the four sequencer parts;
  • The System section that lets you adjust some settings for Flow and shows you information about your software versions and update status.
Mixer section
Mixer section

It also has a Plug-In Window button ( Plug-In Window button ) at the bottom left corner that opens a floating plug-in window.

Plug-In Window

This is a separate window that you can open by clicking the Plug-In Window button ( Plug-In Window button ).

Floating plug-in window
Floating plug-in window

It shows you the same Mixer section as the rack view, plus:

  • The Sequencer section that allows you to configure the parameters of each parallel sequencer part;
  • The UI scaling dropdown that allows you to zoom in or out of the user interface up to 400%, adjusting it to your preference and screen size.